Anglo-Scottish Migration


Why are some immigrant communities able to integrate with a host population without necessarily losing their own identity or being regarded with hostility and suspicion? That appears to have been the experience of Scots in early modern England, despite some inherent cultural and political hostility, and amidst a history of warfare and tension between the two kingdoms.

This AHRC-funded research network brings together scholars of history, geography, literature and sociology, as well as groups and individuals with an interest in local and family history, to test the assumption of ‘successful’ Scottish migration to England in this period. The network explores patterns of Scottish migration to and integration in England, discusses the implications of Scottish integration for our understanding of the formation of the British state and the creation of British identity, and asks what implications for theoretical migration models and emigration policy might be drawn from this historical research.

In addition to some of the top academic scholars in the field, this research network incorporates participation from family and local history groups, museums, and all other groups or individuals with an interest in this subject. For more information on how to get involved, please contact one of the organisers – details found on the Project Team page.